The Veriuni Book Department is stocked with selections that will help you in either creating, or building upon, a successful home-based business. We encourage you to visit often to see the latest offerings from many of the best authors in the industry. Books for self education and online purchase.
The following books comprise our list of "must reads".


Been There, Done That - By Dr. Joe Rubino
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This is the best book available today on how to build a networking business. This book is written by a guy who's done it and is doing it, today, with great success. Now you can learn how too.


Conversations With Millionaires - By Mike Litman, Jason Oman, and Robert Allen
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If you want to make millions, read this book! A proven, practical book that will accelerate you towards financial independence. Read it, follow it and watch your life change!


Home Business Revolution's Greatest Entrepreneurs Series
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If you work from home, these books are a must-read! They contains detailed profiles and complete interviews on over 40 of the highest-earning home business entrepreneurs in the world today.


How To Get Customers to Call, Buy and Beg for MORE By Ken Varga
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If a multi-millionaire offered to sit down with you and show you all the secrets that made it possible for him to amass his fortune, you would be interested, wouldn't you?!! Now You Can More Than DOUBLE YOUR BUSINESS in Less Than A Year!


Internet Income By George Little
Internet Income picture

In his latest book author empowers those entrepreneural individuals who strive to achieve success and independence with valuable researched information and proven strategies.


Mining Gold By Shawn Casey
Mining Gold picture

If you're tired of money-making systems that require months of hard work, here's your chance to profit from the "quick cash" secrets of a street smart Internet millionaire...


Network Marketing: What You Should Know By Jeffrey Babener
Network Marketing picture

In this complete overview of the network marketing industry, you'll learn the facts you need to know about this growing industry and why literally millions are jumping on board.


The Gift of Wealth - How to be Successful in Network Marketing By Irv Widmer
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is a must-read for those who have tried and failed and for those who have been successful and want to be even more successful! This new, comprehensive industry workbook comes packed with simple, practical techniques you can learn in just two hours!




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